Weserschwimmen Germany 2018



Weserberglandrallye: On the same day, there will be a canoe-tour with 400 to 600 canoes.
Canoes: There will be app. 15 canoes, marked with balloons, who will accompany and secure
the swimmers.
Feeding: There will be 7 points of feeding. Please pack your food in 7 bags and we will transport it to the feeding points. Of course you are allowed to transport your food
on your own or with you somehow
Outfit: You can wear any swimsuit or wetsuit you want
Qualification: You will need a qualification that you did 2016/2017 or until 13.08.2018 (see
SwimSecure: Each participant has to swim with an inflated SwimSecure Hydration Float. You can
store a 650ml bottle inside.
Timing: We will have an official timing. We propose to swim with your own stopwatch as a
Cut-off-time: 7:15 hours
costs: enrty fee: 100,– € (Buffet included)


Friday, 31.08.2018 (for the ones, who are already there)

  • 16:30 Uhr: Organisation open in the Weserangerbad (Am Weseranger, 31737
  • ca. 18:00 Uhr: 500m Sprint from Kanuclub to Beach-Bar you can take a shower in „Weserangerbad Rinteln“
  • ca. 19:00 Uhr: Pizza-Party at Bodega-Beach-Bar

Saturday, 01.09.2018

  • 07:00 Uhr: Meet at „Weserangerbad Rinteln“
  • 07:00 Uhr: first briefing
  • 07:45 Uhr: bustransfer tot he start
  • 08:45 Uhr Start at Kieswerk Ahe
  • Ca. 14:00-16:00 Uhr Arrival in Minden, beach at Kanzlers Weide. Transport back to Weserangerbad, you can take a shower there
  • Ca. 17:30 victory ceremony and buffet (Salads, Sausages, Baguette) at Weserangerbad

Registratie open vanaf: 01-01-2018

Race day: 31-08-2018 Race start time: 08:45

Race end day: 01-09-2018 Race end time: 17:30

afstand: 42.159km

Organisator: Schwimmschule Reineke

Locatie: Weserstrand

plaats: 32423 Minden

Meer informatie: Link to event

registratie: Direct inschrijven

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